Our Panga Boats

Panga Marine is the first and foremost builder of Panga style boats in the United States.

NO KNOCKOFFS - We produce high quality, high performance, shallow hulled, sophisticated fishing boats.

We offer unlimited variations of custom features. For example, our 18’ ft Skiffs can be built with or without a liner. Fore and aft decks are available in many sizes. We offer four different consoles, baitwells in four configurations, and multiple seating arrangements.

We are a hands-on, down to earth team of highly experienced builders and avid fishermen. We run a small facility. No outsourced jobs - our entire team is here! No red carpeted showroom. We've traded those off to give you value in a superior product and unmatchable customer service.





The Panga Marine Hull

Expect a Smooth, Dry Ride from our Proprietary Hull Design

Most modern boat designs today have a fairly sharp entry to the water at the bow. The purpose, of course, is to reduce shock or pounding as the boat hits waves. The Panga Marine hulls have unique features engineered to optimize performance and comfort in both shallow and open water.

All Panga Marine models have a deep forefoot – the sharp area of the bow that first hits and parts the water – resulting in a remarkably smooth ride.

Reverse chines throw water down rather than letting it rise up and be blown over the boat's occupants. While many designs include this feature, our version is extremely pronounced and results in as dry a ride as you'll find.

Panga Marine boats avoid the pitfalls of exclusively deep-V style hulls. As opposed to flat surfaces, deep-V hulls result in a great ride. This ride, however, is not without its costs. Since there is no flat surface for the boat to ride on, deep-Vs require extraordinary horsepower to keep them on plane, are deep in draft, rock excessively at rest, and burn a great deal of fuel.

Proprietary Running Surface for Ride and Comfort

Engineering the transition from steep bow to planing stern is where Panga Marine is unique among today's designs.

Panga Marine's bottom design incorporates both the deep-V and flat running surface principals. The angle of the bottom, or deadrise, in our larger or more offshore intended boats, have a deadrise of 22-degrees. The smaller boats have a deadrise of 11 degrees. All models incorporate the efficient flat or concave running surface, which is why they require so little horsepower to push them but still retain the superior deep-V ride.

Strength and Rigidity for the Toughest Conditions

The original panga designs included a wide collar running around the entire gunnel of the boat. This collar was essentially a boxbeam set along the upper portions of the hull where typically there was no deck to provide lateral strength.

We use an integral I-beam placed just under the sheer (the curved shape of the top of the hull) in all our models for strength and rigidity no matter the sea conditions.


The Panga Mystique

From Cancun water taxis to Sudan fishermen, mariners the world over recognize the seaworthiness and versatility of the Panga. Pangas are the world's most utilized small boat design.

The original design was created as a project financed by the World Bank in the 1960's. The project more than succeeded. Embraced early on by the manufacturer of Yamaha Outboards, (no doubt with an eye to providing platforms for their outboard motors) the company formed partnerships with a number of third world builders and lent their engineering to the original design. Pangasiidae or “panga fish” is a family of catfish found in many of the world’s fresh and brackish waters from Asia and Latin America to Pakistan and Borneo.

Panga skiffs have a deep history spanning from the smallest fishing villages to multi-national corporations and international banks. The original design started around the large bow intended as a platform from which to cast nets into the water. The large flare also meant that in challenging conditions the boat remains dry, comfortable and safe.

Pangas continue to be used almost exclusively by Latin American guides for charter fishing, touring, diving and commercial use. In fact many of our customers return from vacations having had such a successful introduction to the panga boat type that they want to get one for themselves!



It all Begins with Our Customers

We receive calls from California to Massachusetts and Texas to Alaska, and each call is different. Whether you are a new boater and admire a friend's Panga from across the pier, or an experienced captain who wants the simplicity and efficiency of a Panga Marine boat - we have a broad and deep experience building exactly the boat you need.

All Panga Marine boats incorporate cutting edge engineering and technology, and are presented with world-class fit and finish.

If you know what features, options and accessories will be required for your new boat, then we can have a quick conversation and prepare a spec and cost sheet for you right away. If you need to evaluate your options, then one of our team leaders can discuss your primary use and environment with you to arrive at the exact specification that is right for you. If you want a turn-key solution, then we can offer a package with a fixed price and delivery date, and all you need to do is show up and sail away!

Site Visit and Boat Evaluation

We encourage anyone interested in a Panga Marine boat to visit our offices and fabrication facilities. Remember we do not have a showroom, but our customers are welcome to a factory tour. We bend over backward for our customers. If you are buying a boat and need a sea trial experience, we will make that happen for you.